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Historically, Taffy has been considered an American candy whilst Toffee was regarded as a British product.

It is believed that in the 1800’s a Welshman took the Toffee recipe to the USA and from this evolved a fruity flavour version of the Toffee recipe which is now regarded as American Taffy.

The term “salt water taffy” is believed to have originated in New Jersey in 1870 when a store owners store was flooded by the sea and a young patron wanting his Taffy referred to it as “salt water taffy”.

No salt was added to the Taffy over 100 years ago.

The Welsh connection continued during Victorian times as like in America the people of Wales normally during Christmas or New Year would get together and have Taffy pulls just as they were regarded a social event in the USA for birthdays, social gathering and church events. It is believed people would get dressed up for this special occasion of a good taffy pull. 

A Taffy pull consisted of wrapping the newly made candy mix around a large hook on a wall. This sticky mix was then pulled and stretched to put air to the candy to give it a soft chewy texture.

May the 23rd is regarded as national Taffy day in the USA.

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